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Kombucha Benefits.

What is kombucha?

B-Tea Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that is rich in prebiotics as well as probiotics. Our Kombucha Is raw and organic.  It has a natural slightly sour, a tad sweet, and balanced fizzy taste. Kombucha looks like a sparkly golden colored liquid. B-Tea Kombucha provides you with a vast nutritional value and delicious flavor to match.

Darjeeling Black Tea
Japanese Bancha Green Tea

We utilize authentic Darjeeling Black Tea in our Black Tea Kombucha. It contains powerful antioxidants that provide multiple  health benefits. We also use Japanese Bancha Green Tea in our Green Tea  Kombucha. This green tea offers countless benefits such as improved brain function, fat loss, and lowered risk of cancer and improved metabolic function, as well.

Pilsner Laden Water

We don’t use distilled water, instead, we go a step further and use Pilsner Laden Water, which comes from the Czech Republic ‘s rejuvenating water sources. Pilsner Laden water is known to work miracles, and is referred to as “Healing Waters.”

Organic Cane Sugar

Our Tea contains organic cane sugar, also known as “The Good Sugar,” in the making of our kombucha, which is proven to be healthier and less processed than regular sugar. This is what fuels our Kombucha fermentation process, which eats up almost all the sugar from the tea.

natural flavor & herbs

B-Tea uses only 100% raw and organic ingredients, juices, and extracts in all of its products. Our products have no added preservatives, sugars, chemicals, or otherwise. We’re producing things the natural way, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

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