Our Cold Pressed Juices


At the nutricentro juice bar, we produce our cold pressed juice in small batches, utilizing a hydraulic press (Norwalk Juicer) that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from fresh produce (fruits and vegetables).

Low heat, minimal oxygenation, and immediate refrigeration helps protect nutrients that are lost with other methods of juicing.

Our cold pressed juices are Raw, Unpasteurized, and Unprocessed.  Our juices are never High Pressure Processed.

Juice pasteurization (a nice word for boiling juice) and “High Pressure Processing” (HPP), both destroy nutrients in juice. These processes increase shelf life for big batch producers (good for distribution, not so good for juice). If you want the best for your body, always buy juice that is labeled “fresh”. Processed juices aren’t allowed to use the word “fresh” on their labels (thank you FDA) but they are allowed to use the word “Raw” so read carefully.

Cold pressing is a time consuming and delicate process, but the results are worth the trouble, both in the nutrients delivered and the fresh delicious taste. Get what you pay for and more importantly get what you want. Read juice labels carefully as clever marketers will use the words “cold pressed” or “raw” and these do not mean “fresh” or “unprocessed. Look for the word “fresh” to make sure you get the full benefits of your juice.


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